Cobble stone mesh

Posted by Snow on Jul 27,2015  /   Review(s)
Cobble stone is widely used for outdoor paving and driveway.They are made of different kinds of granite.
Granite is hard and can stand cold,frozen and snowy weather.
And there are many colors of granites,Customers can have more choices.
It is not slipery.

Also we can make cobble stone on mesh.It will be easier for our customers to install.
They don't need to install piece by piece.
Most of our customers can diy by themsevels.
Also We can make different shapes according to our customers' request.
What is the most important thing,it is very very cheap.

The normal size:30x30cm,60x30cm
The normal finished:top surface flamed+others sawn cut or four sides natural splited+bottom sawn cut

We attach some pictures form our latest order to Japan below.

cobble stone on mesh

cobble stone mesh packing

fan cobble stone mesh

mixed color cobble stone

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