Fabulous stone mosaic tiles

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Isn’t it fabulous like a fairy tale? It is American Wynn Hotel located in 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109, a terrific example for stone mosaic.

For stone mosaics, there are two types---one is regular mosaic tiles for wall cladding, column cladding; while the other one is special mosaic tiles as shown here.These special mosaic tiles are also called mosaic pattern, mosaic art, mosaic medallion.

To make such kind of mosaic patten, the experts need to
1)     input the required picture/photo into the computer, and depart it by 25X25MM, 20X20mm, 15x15mm, 10x10mm, 10x8mm etc mosaic grain (the more complicated the patten is, the smaller mosaic grain to use, the higher cost it will cause.);
2)     distinguish the color tonality and mark the number for each color tonality;
3)     choose the marble with closest color for matchine;
4)      get it printed out after testing the selected marbles;
5)     If it works well, then the workers produces the mosaic grains;
6)     stick the relavant marble mosaic grain on its right place piece by piece all by hand;
7)     review the completed part and compare with the picture once a while, and re-do the parts where don’t match well in color, till all go well together.
8)     For some art with big size, the expert will divide it into several part properly. Each worker or each group will take charge of one part. When all finished, they will join together to form the whole art.

Therefore, it does take time and labour. Each mosaic pattern IS absolutely an art work. Each mosaic pattern is unique.

Here are more art works for you to enjoy.

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