Hot Sale Hand Carved Natural Stone Cremation Urn

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Hot Sale Hand Carved Natural Stone Cremation Urn

There are two different types of urns. Traditionally, a urn is a a memorial container so it is also called cremation urn, ash urn, memorial urn and keepsake urn. Those for pets are pet urns, dog urn, cat urn and horse urn etc. Another type urns, typically in large size, are for architectural and decoration purposes such as garden urns, table urn, fountain urn and outdoor urn. Listed in this page are mainly memorial urns, made in stones such as marble, granite, onyx, limestone, travertine and onyx. For decorative large marble urns, please browse the previous page. Each Marble urn is handed carved from selected genuine natural stone. Our thoughtfully designed and intricately crafted urns offer truly beautiful presentations in an unique way - no any two stone urns are alike in terms of patterns and appearances.
What you will receive will be originally hand carved units that represent a high standard. The available volume of Marble urns ranges between 200 to 300 cubic inches with a overall height of 15 to 25 inches.
Custom designs available. Dealers, distributors and resellers are welcome
These unique urns are carved and polished from highest quality Pakistani onyx. The multicolored surface of the stone creates a natural pattern of color and hue which makes every individual piece a one of a kind.Fierce colors create patterns of light and contrast across the surface of these imposing marble urns. Milky green white clouds are broken by bands of red, orange, and yellow, which explode vibrantly to create a whirlwind of color.
The Pakistan Onyx Marble is the world's leading urns exporter specializing in high quality urns ,garden urns, table urn, fountain urn and outdoor urn . Choose from heirloom quality onyx marble urns to affordable prices. We offer the largest selection of urns, garden urns, table urn, fountain urn and outdoor urn and other onyx marble products from the best quality in the world along with unmatched customer products.
Onyx marble urns beautiful piece of handicrafts is made from a single piece of onyx or marble. A perfect example of handicrafts. Available in so many marble and onyx stones in many colours. We are continuously developing our own styles as well as producing styles sent by our buyers.

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