Natural Black Slate flagstone for garden paving

Posted by Christina Fan on Jul 25,2015  /   Review(s)
Our Australian customer is building his own garden in Melbourne. He is planing to have a quiet, beautiful and peaceful garden of his own. The paving tiles are very significant. After a long time for sourcing, he comes to us for Black Slate flagstone, which is natural looking with rocksurface, irregular without machine cutting, anti-frozen and durable, with mid-night black color. Meanwhile, its cost is very charming. Our customer is very happy when receiving them, and cann't wait to pave them onto his garden with some pictures shared below. Don't you like it?

Now he is also asking for pool coping, deck tiles, stair steps and flowerpots made by our natural Black Slate.

Yes, black slate has many advantages comparing with other slates.
It comes in very big size like 80X80cm and 100X100cm.
It is available in natural finish and even honed finish.
It has been frequently made into irregular flagstone, paving tiles, pool coping, crazy mesh, flowerpots, stair steps, roofing tiles, mosaics, ledge stone, billiard board and service plates, etc.
It has better flatness, more stable with no trouble in rustic spots coming out after usage of a certain time.
The yield of this material is big, and the quality is stable too.

Natural Black Slate is very popular at home and abroard, especially in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, America, Canada and Australia.

Personally I like it very much.

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