healthy Lava Stone paving and walling

Posted by Christina on Sep 28,2015  /   Review(s)

Lava stone is a natural stone raw material without radiation. It enoys the characters of environment-friendly, durable and anti-slip.


Black lava stone is a fast-cooled magma from vaolcanic eruption, containing a large number of small and big porosity. Most of them have obvious porosity like honeycomb, therefore also named honeycomb stone.


Black Lava stone owns superior performance and unique style---not only the general characteristics of natural stone, but also some special functions of sound-absorbing insulation, endothermic heat storage, bibulous non-skid, resistance to acid and alkali, “healthy breath” and so on.


Therefore, black lava stone has be widely used in all kinds of external wall decoration, background, municipal roads, squares, residential area, and all kinds of antique architecture. It is also the first choice for European architecture and landscape architecture.


Balck Lava stone is such a healthy stone, so it has been used freely in many tourist scenic areas home and abroad. Do you see them before?


The raw block is not big. So the maximum width is normally 900mm. The common finish:  sawn cut, rough honed, honed. Common products: irregular stepping stone, tiles and special-used. Some pictures of their projects below for your reference:

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