lava rock plant pot

Posted by suly on Aug 20,2015  /   Review(s)
Lava rock plant pot is made of big volcanic rock, a very valuable form of porous shaped stone, which is a new functional type of environmentally friendly materials, it contains sodium, magnesium, aluminum,silicon, calcium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, these make it a good growing substrate for planters, lava rock plant is a good decoration for home and garden.

The rough surface is good for planters roots to grab hold of and make little reservoirs for moistureand air. The porous stone also contribute to good insulation from cold, and help plant roots withstand cold winter temperatures. It creates a natural enviroment for planters and the planters will survive for a long time even you dont take care of them.

These volcanic rocks are available for planting with all kinds of plants, mosses, ferns, succulents – all these look fabulous.

                         lava pot


lava rock plant

lava rock plant

lava stone pot


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